Employment Law

Unpaid Interns Bring Successful Class Actions

Hired interns do have legal rights and have been successful in bringing wage claims as well as other employment claims. Current employer-intern relationships must follow the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA).

NLRB Legal Action Against Walmart

Nationwide, employee supporters, unions and activists are fighting to stop Walmart from violating labor laws through intimidation, threats, and abuse. The NLRB’s actions should encourage more employees to speak out to improve pay and working conditions.

Wage Theft Threatens Low-Income Workers

Wage and hour laws are necessary to ensure that workers are being fairly compensated and that employers are held accountable. A recent study has revealed that many employers are flouting minimum wage laws and failing to pay overtime, costing low-wage workers a significant portion of their paychecks.

Recent Efforts to Raise Minimum Wage

In Minnesota and nationwide, low-income families struggle to make ends meet. More than 15 million workers earn the national minimum wage. If employed full-time, these employees are making only $15,080 a year, a number below the national poverty line for a family of two. Some cities and states have recently bolstered their efforts to raise minimum wage laws to meet today’s economic demands. Advocates for minimum wage hikes argue that real wages (adjusted for inflation) have consistently dropped and that the income divide is only widening.

Privacy Litigation Trending in Minnesota

Whether you are concerned about the future of your privacy or you believe you have suffered a privacy violation, knowing the law and your rights can help protect your personal information and data. Privacy laws may impact your rights concerning private phone conversations, your Internet usage, healthcare, information about your children, consumer data, as well as your credit history.

20th Anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the passage of the Family Medical Leave Act. This year, the United States Department of Labor is making some important changes in a final rule, which workers and employers should be aware of. Effective Friday March 8, 2013 new regulations will be added to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Most notably, there have been expansions to benefit military families and airline personnel and flight crews.