Employment Law

What Yahoo's New CEO Tells Us About Pregnancy Discrimination

Marissa Mayer became the Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo after a distinguished career with Google. With her promotion, she became the twentieth woman to lead a Fortune 500 company and the youngest at 37 years of age. On the same day she became CEO, Ms. Mayer announced, through her Twitter account, that she is pregnant. Instantly, the media coverage shifted from Ms. Mayer’s vision for Yahoo to how Ms. Mayer would balance her new position, maternity leave, and having a young child.

Sexual Harassment Settlement Demonstrates Strengths of EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the owner of 25 Wisconsin McDonald’s restaurants announced that the parties settled a sexual harassment class action lawsuit for $1 million dollars. (EEOC press release) The allegations in this case involve rampant sexual harassment over many years - male employees subjecting female co-workers to sexual comments, kissing, and inappropriate touching. Also at issue was the company’s failure and refusal to take prompt and appropriate action to correct the harassment.

MN Agricultural Workers Must be Paid Overtime

The Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed an order by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry that Daley Farm (Lewiston, MN) must pay overtime premium wages to its agricultural employees. At issue in this case was whether the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry correctly determined that agricultural workers who are paid on an hourly basis are not exempt from the overtime requirements of the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act (“MFLSA”).