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Clearwire Internet Speed Litigation

Baillon Thome Jozwiak & Wanta LLP represents Plaintiff Sharon Newton in a class action lawsuit filed against Clearwire, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that Clearwire sells consumers unlimited 4G or 3G wireless Internet connections with no preset download limits, but once the customer signs up for the service Clearwire begins to throttle the customer's download speeds. Throttling is a practice in which a network operator intentionally limits a user’s upload or download speed in order to control how much network bandwidth is used by an account. Typically, Clearwire will reduce a customer's download speeds to 0.6 megabits per second, which is too slow for anything but the most email and web browsing activities. The lawsuit alleges that Clearwire's practice of throttling customers without notice is illegal because it violates California's consumer protection statutes. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages on behalf of all current and former Clearwire customers in California whose Internet speeds were throttled without their knowledge.

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