First Transit Drivers Wage and Hour Violations

Thompson et al. v. First Transit, Inc., is a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of a class of individuals who are or were Metro Mobility bus drivers in Minnesota. These bus drivers are employees of First Transit, Inc., an Ohio Corporation that does business as Metro Mobility in Minnesota.

On a daily basis, the bus drivers are asked to spend time doing mandatory work, like receiving a manifest and bus key, finding their bus in the assigned lot, turning on the bus and logging into the onboard computer, with being compensated for this time. Additionally, drivers have to spend time doing their pre-trip inspection, which includes a thorough check of the interior and exterior of their bus. Drivers are allowed compensation of up to 10 minutes for these tasks that usually take at least 20 minutes a morning. At the end of the day, the bus drivers complete a similar list of duties in preparation for the following day. The drivers are paid for 10 minutes of post-route duties when in fact the duties take much longer.

Through this lawsuit, Metro Mobility bus drivers seek the Court’s help and ask to be paid in full for the time they spend working each day.  

Due to the failure to pay all wages earned by these bus drivers, Plaintiffs allege violations of the Minnesota Payment of Wages Act (“PWA”), Minn. Stat. §§ 181.01, et seq. This action seeks compensation for all time worked, including the before and after route checks and mandatory work being done by Metro Mobility bus drivers on a daily basis.