CertainTeed WeatherBoards Siding Lawsuit

Baillon Thome Jozwiak & Wanta LLP represents a Minnesota resident who has filed a class action lawsuit against CertainTeed Corporation alleging that the company’s WeatherBoards fibercement siding is defectively designed in such a way that causes the siding to crack, warp, discolor, and shrink. The action is filed as a class against against CertainTeed Corproation on behalf of all persons and entities who owned, own, or acquired homes, residences, buildings or other strutured in the United States on which CertainTeed WeatherBoards FiberCement exterior siding have been installed since 2002. The lawsuit is seeking monetary compensation on behalf of all individuals who own a building with WeatherBoards siding so that they can replace their defective siding. The lawsuit is also seeking a court order requiring CertainTeed to honor its warranty obligations and stop denying warranty claims for damages that are a result of a bad design.

CertainTeed WeatherBoards siding is a fibercement siding product that contains fly ash as a cement additive. The lawsuit alleges that the additoin of fly ash into the siding causes water absoprtion and porosity problems. As the siding goes through repeated freeze-thaw cycles, it experiences increased expansion and contraction as a result of excess moisture in the product. The lawsuit alleges that excessive expansion and contraction of the siding leads to cracking, warping, shrinking, and other failures of the siding.

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