Defective Products

Many consumer products do not perform as promised or advertised and these defects come at a significant cost to purchasers through repair or replacement of goods. Our consumer protection attorneys hold manufacturers accountable and help to make purchasers whole. We litigate and settle class action lawsuits that require manufacturers to remedy defects and compensate consumers for the costs of repairing defective products.

We handle cases in the building products industry, including faulty siding, shingles, decks, other home construction products.  Our class action attorneys obtain remedies for consumers who buy products that do not perform as promised or have design and manufacturing defects that cause a product to prematurely fail.

If you believe you have lost money or experienced other damages by purchasing a defective product our consumer protection attorneys will investigate whether there may be legal recourse. If you have purchased a product that doesn’t work or has deteriorated sooner than it should have, you may be able to recover losses through a lawsuit. If many people have experienced the same defect, a class action allows them to exert extensive pressure on a violating company to resolve the issue and compensate purchasers for their losses.