Hidden Fees

Hidden fees in service agreements may be illegal under state or federal law. Business charge fees to consumers for the services they provide, often through a contract or agreement. Accordingly, service providers must disclose certain fees to consumers in advance. Consumers have a right to know how they will be charged and what the charges will be for all services provided before they are obligated to pay fees. Unfortunately, many corporations have taken advantage of their unfair bargaining power and purposefully hide fees from consumers when a contract is signed. Hidden fees are a growing problem, costing consumers millions of dollars every year.

Hidden fees charges appear in a variety of services, including: financial services agreements, business in the travel industry, insurance contracts, cell phone and internet providers, credit card agreements and banking contracts. On their own, undisclosed fees may not amount to significant financial damage to a consumer. When applied to a large class of consumers however companies are pocketing millions of dollars by violating the law and misrepresenting actual charges to consumers.

Minnesota and federal consumer laws offer protections and remedies against these types of deceptive or abusive practices. Our team of consumer protection lawyers continue to seek justice for consumers who cannot battle large corporations alone. Companies that have collected illegal charges or defrauded consumers will generally not refund damages to the consumer without a fight. These fights are worth having when justice is served. Our proven record of successful class action settlements for consumers is proof that large scale change can happen, even against the biggest corporations, and that consumer rights cannot be sidelined.