Class Action Litigation

Consumers face a challenging market that often rewards unfair business practices. It has become common to experience false advertising, deceptive marketing, hidden charges for services not provided or refusals to honor a warranty. Our experienced consumer protection attorneys advise consumers on whether and how to pursue legal action to stop unfair practices and obtain compensation. We continue to successfully prosecute national consumer class action lawsuits and have achieved settlements or judgments worth millions of dollars.

Employees are consistently shorted wages and overtime pay and experience unlawful pay deductions. Many corporations have improperly and willfully misclassified their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying insurance, overtime and the responsibilities that accompany employment. For years our wage and hour litigators have combined skilled advocacy and a passion for justice to achieve the goals of our clients in employment class actions

Current Cases

WindsorONE Defective Trim Board Lawsuit

We represent property owners in a class action lawsuit regarding WindsorONE trim board rot and other premature failures such as deterioration. Homeowners report trim boards that prematurely fail and require replacement. The lawsuit alleges that Defendants breach express and implied warranties and that Defendants were negligent in their design of WindsorONE and that the companies’ marketing of WindsorONE violated consumer protection statutes.