With a growing reliance on the internet, software, and computer systems, consumers and employees are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks on their privacy and data. Data has quickly become one of the most valuable commodities in the global market; hackers, scammers, even legitimate businesses are looking for ways to acquire your personal data and more information about you.

If you have been a victim of a data or security breach, you have the right to fight back and recover compensation for any personal and financial losses. Our class action attorneys help hold companies accountable for these breaches and any harm you have suffered.

What data can be stolen in a security breach?

You may have recently been informed that your data was compromised, but what information could have been stolen or lost? It would depend on the information you have voluntarily entered into a computer system or turned over to a public or private entity. However, common data and security breaches involve the theft of:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Banking information
  • Medical data
  • Credit card numbers
  • Home address or contact information
  • Sensitive information used for identity theft purposes

Are businesses responsible for protecting my data?

Businesses that collect and store consumer data have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care in protecting consumers’ private information. When a company fails to do so and a data breach occurs as a result, those affected by the breach may be able to join together and file a class action suit against the company for the damages they’ve incurred. Our consumer class action attorneys will review the facts of your case, assess whether the company failed to exercise reasonable care, and aggressively pursue your right to recover any personal or financial losses.

How do I know if my data was stolen?

Corporations that experience a data breach generally must notify the harmed consumers. Notice is often sent by mail or e-mail. If you receive notice that your private data was compromised, and you are interested in filing a class action lawsuit to compensate you for your losses, please contact our consumer protection lawyers. You can file a class action on behalf of yourself and all victims of the breach.

Many data and security breaches are discovered after harm has already been done. You may have received a notice by email or mail or even heard about the data breach on the news. You may have discovered a data breach after you become the victim of identity theft. If you suspect that your data was stolen or there is an indication that you have suffered identity theft, it is important to have your case reviewed by an experienced data breach and class action attorney.

Can I recover financial compensation for a security breach?

Yes, if you have suffered from a data or security breach, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. State and federal laws give consumers the right to protect their privacy and security. Data and security breaches have become all too common and the negative impact on consumers is significant. When a breach occurs, consumers’ and employees’ private data is often stolen making them financially and reputationally vulnerable. Our class action attorneys help hold companies accountable for these breaches and any harm you have suffered.

These class action lawsuits are often able to obtain relief for consumers such as reimbursement of victims’ identity left losses, credit monitoring services with accompanying identity theft insurance, and improvements to the data security systems that failed.

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