Did you buy a product that turned out to be shoddy or worthless? Or a product that didn’t perform as advertised? When manufacturers sell useless products, or products that fall short of what’s promised in their advertising, our consumer protection attorneys hold manufacturers accountable. We litigate and settle class action lawsuits against manufacturers, making them pay consumers’ losses and take responsibility for defective products.

How can I hold manufacturers accountable for defective products?

Your legal protections depend on the state you live in. If a product is so badly made that it turns out to be nearly useless, you may have rights under warranty laws in your state. In addition, many states also give you the right to sue a manufacturer for false advertising or consumer fraud. If a manufacturer makes false or misleading statements in its advertising, causing you to buy a product that doesn’t perform as advertised, you may also have claims under false advertising laws, consumer protection laws, or unfair trade practice laws.

Under warranty and consumer protection laws, you may be able to recover not just your purchase price, but also repair and replacement costs. If you suffered financial losses or property damage from a shoddy product, our consumer protection attorneys can investigate and help you explore your legal options.

What can I do about defective or substandard building products?

Our attorneys are experts in class action lawsuits against manufacturers of building products. We have sued the makers of faulty siding, shingles, decking, windows, and millwork, among other products. If your building products failed soon after installation, or if the manufacturer promised a long-lasting product that is deteriorating far sooner than expected, our team has the legal and technical expertise to help you hold manufacturers accountable.

What are the advantages of class action lawsuits?

When a manufacturer sells products with a common defect, or makes false statements to consumers in its advertising, those actions don’t just harm a single consumer. They harm everyone who purchased the shoddy or substandard product. In a class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs don’t just represent themselves, but everyone who was harmed in the same way.

Because a class action can be used to pursue relief on behalf of a large group of consumers, it offers some important advantages. A class action offers the resources to manage complex litigation, fight against well-funded corporate defendants, and retain technical experts—costs that overwhelm what a single plaintiff might recover in an individual lawsuit. And class action puts more pressure on the manufacturer to confront common problems and fairly compensate all consumers who were harmed.

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