False advertising and labeling by companies can harm consumers by inducing them to spend money on products or services or by exposing them to risks of injury through false claims about health or safety. We help consumers recover damages from businesses who engage in fraudulent or deceptive advertising.

Most consumers trust the information that companies tell them about products. Whether you are reading a product label for ingredients or watching a commercial, you assume that you are being told the truth about a particular product or service. Government regulations have been drafted and enforced to protect consumers against false claims, advertising, and labeling. Underlying these regulations are safety precautions, but they also serve to protect consumers personal and financial interests. When a company makes false claims or harms the end consumer with a dangerous product or service, legal remedies are available.

What is product liability?

Any legal case involving a product that results in an injury or financial loss to the end consumer will fall under the category of product liability. Product liability litigation is complicated and often requires investigations, experts, and a large class of consumer plaintiffs. Our attorneys are experienced in the investigation of false advertising claims, dangerous products, and other cases involving consumer goods. We work to protect consumers who have been exposed to the risk of injury through false claims by companies.

What if a company makes false claims?

Minnesota state and federal consumer protection laws work to ensure that consumers are safe from dangerous products. When a company makes a false claim about a product, consumers have the right to take action and collect compensation for any personal or financial losses. False advertising and labeling by companies can harm consumers by inducing them to spend money on products or services or by exposing them to risks of injury through false claims about health or safety.

Can a company be liable for failure to disclose risks?

In addition to being liable for false claims, companies can also be held liable for failure to disclose dangers and risks to consumers. Federal and state laws protect consumers from false or deceptive advertising. Consumers are protected from corporations that make false, misleading, or deceptive claims about a product regarding its price, quality, ingredients, purpose or effectiveness. False advertising can involve statements that are false or those that are misleading because they do not mention important facts about the product.

How can I stop a company from false advertising?

False and misleading advertising can harm both consumers and competing businesses. The financial losses by a consumer due to the false or misleading advertising may be significant themselves. Often the damages to a consumer may not be large enough for an individual to stand up for their rights against a large corporation, but participation in a class action lawsuit to recover the losses of a large group of consumers is a way to stop the illegal practice while remedying the consumer class.

What damages can I pursue for false advertising?

If you have purchased a product and suffered an injury or other financial harm because of false advertising, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of your recovery will depend on a number of factors, including your personal losses, the extent of the false claims, and the total number of representatives in your class. Many of these cases depend on leveraging negotiating power which can be more persuasive when there is a larger group of injured consumers.

Consumers may be awarded a variety of remedies against any business that engages in false or misleading advertising, including monetary damages and injunctive relief ordering the businesses to correct the false representations or to include disclosure statements in their advertising. Our consumer protection attorneys represent plaintiffs in false advertising lawsuits. We have recovered significant settlements for our clients through class action lawsuits – forcing business to fix their misleading claims and compensate consumers for the damages caused by the false representations.

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